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The firm takes its name from the Cherokee word Inkana, which means “I am a friend of his; he is a friend of mine.” This is the cornerstone on which the company was established.

As a fully integrated real estate company, INKANA provides a wide variety of services. INKANA is not ‘all things to all people’, but a full-service real estate company whose primary focus is serving the healthcare industry.

INKANA projects include hospitals, medical office buildings, long-term care facilities, surgery centers, wellness facilities, parking decks, corporate offices, special projects, and built-to-suit facilities.

Among the many INKANA projects: On campus of Shelby Baptist, Medical Center East, Princeton Baptist, Huntsville Hospital, Decatur General, Clay County Hospital, Parkway Medical Center, and Huntsville Hospital–Madison.

INKANA was founded on the principles of providing exceptional value, building long- term customer relationships, and delivering quality services. “We strive to develop long- term relations based on honesty and integrity, while maintaining the financial and budgetary goals of our clients,” comments Slade Blackwell, partner in INKANA.

The expertise of INKANA includes project finance, strategic planning, conceptual budgeting, design, construction, regulatory compliance, property management, and tenant representation services. Services are customer tailored with the client maintaining as much control as desired throughout the development process.

“I’m proud of the fact that our team is empowered with the wisdom of experience and has a vision of the future.”  – John Blackwell, Partner

The INKANA development team is knowledgeable in both healthcare and real estate development to give healthcare providers a new perspective on how to better develop, manage and own their real estate. Clients depend on INKANA to understand their specific goals and tailor a solution that will achieve their business goals.

INKANA’s facility solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of the owners and operators of each healthcare facility.

Providing the highest level of client satisfaction is essential to INKANA’s long-term success. This commitment allows the firm to partner with local and national experts best suited to address the client’s needs. INKANA assembles a team of consultants that include not only healthcare design and construction talent, but also specialists in healthcare, finance, and experts that understand the intricate complexities that are critical to healthcare planning.

Each project is guided by the expertise of professionals who have firsthand knowledge of critical healthcare issues. This approach uniquely positions INKANA to address the challenges its healthcare clients face on a day- in, day-out basis.

“I’m proud of the fact that our team is empowered with the wisdom of experience and has a vision of the future,” notes John Blackwell, INKANA partner.

“We strive to develop long-term relationships based on honesty and integrity, while maintaining the financial and budgetary goals of our clients”  Slade Blackwell, PartnerINKANA’s proven experience is invaluable to healthcare providers faced with current and future financial challenges. One of the most significant challenges facing healthcare providers today is the ‘capital’ decision involving primary and ancillary real estate assets. INKANA is a flexible organization known for its creative and innovative project ownership and financing strategies. INKANA works with the healthcare providers to create an ownership strategy that ensures long-term success.

While INKANA’s primary focus is on servicing the healthcare industry, the breadth and depth of its real estate experience uniquely qualifies them to assist clients with special projects in a variety of service areas.

From project management to development and advisory services, INKANA offers innovative strategies to achieve the client’s long-term goals of growth and profitability.
Special projects and services provided by INKANA include development, acquisition, tenant representation, project management, owner’s representation, brokerage, property management, leasing, portfolio valuation, and feasibility analysis.

The countless details and distractions involved in administering and planning development projects can be overwhelming, which is why INKANA provides a single source of accountability and finance solutions. For example, many projects require unique joint ventures or innovative leases, while most include careful coordination and approval among various local agencies and departments such as planning, zoning, traffic engineering, inspection, utilities and city councils. INKANA excels at building critical consensus among all of the stakeholders through the entire development process, providing a single source of accountability, managing the entire development process from start to finish. This allows clients to continue focusing on their core competences.